A little about me:

always had a hard time with English class when i was a kid,

(what’s an adverb, prepositions) -probably because of my dyslexia-but definitely because my daydreaming.

Either way I always had a story or two in my head but feared commas, semi-colons, and other sinister rules of writing. 

Sister Gerald described it as "Pathetic chicken scratch." 

After realizing I'm awesome-as you'll soon find out when you read my work-I decided to bypass Sister G's jealous comments and publish my works.

I love writing horror/thrillers. 

I grew up-and live in Philly. Huge Eagles fan as well as Sixers,Flyers,Phillies.

My friends and me-if not playing sports, were a creative  mischief mob.

I'm a happily married dad of four awesome kids.

I love the fall: Pumpkin coffee-pie-beer, the weather, trees.

Fire pits, full moon parties with plenty of good friends and booze, 

and 90's Grunge music.  

I hope you enjoy my books and stories. 

- Paul Zenak



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The Curfew

Rockledge PA

The Curfew is my second self published book available now on Amazon. 
Dale Weston is hosting a sleep over with his two best friends, Brandon and Shane, on Saturday, October 30th, the night before Halloween. Prior to this night, while hanging at their favorite diner in the woods, they heard the story of mischief night and why it was outlawed, years ago, in their small town of Rockledge PA.
On October 30, 1978, a local menace, Otto Prendergast, led police on a chase that ended with him crashing into a creek bed. His body was never found, and a legend was born.
When Dale and his friend’s hangout is infiltrated by a group of older teens, lead by their hated nemesis, Mike Stott, Dale decides to take advantage of the sleep over, and his mom working late, to get payback. They venture out on mischief night-ignoring the curfew and stories of people who have gone missing on this night. They blow these off as ghost stories, lore, meant to scare kids…their decision will have dire consequences.


Philadelphia, PA
Autumn of 1993
Jack Harkins and his friends just watched their team lose the World Series-in dramatic fashion. While drinking their sorrows away-he realizes his favorite time of year wasn't always autumn-that he actually dreaded it. “How can you go from a kid riding your big-wheel through fall color leaves to hating it?”

The repressed memory is due to his sadistic first grade teacher-and like a bad dream she resurfaces. He decides she needs to be held accountable for-not just wrecking autumn for young Jack, but for lives she helped wreck. 



Philly PA

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